Begin at the beginning


„Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, „and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” (Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland).

Mad Bunny represent the first important character when Reprobable’s story was written. He was the muse, he was the very first word with a name choosen to be the alias name when somebody thinking R.
Because everything is the most important detail for a brand, starting from the models of every products thought to be a special gift for someone who will buy it, finishing with..the persona who create an image in people’s minded about what means the brands, because all of these, Mad Bunny was choosen to be the key character for Reprobable’s special fashion style.


In his article „Alice on the Stage,” Carroll wrote „And the White Rabbit, what of him? Was he framed on the „Alice” lines, or meant as a contrast? As a contrast, distinctly. For her ‘youth,’ ‘audacity,’ ‘vigour,’ and ‘swift directness of purpose,’ read ‘elderly,’ ‘timid,’ ‘feeble,’ and ‘nervously shilly-shallying,’ and you will get something of what I meant him to be. I think the White Rabbit should wear spectacles. I’m sure his voice should quaver, and his knees quiver, and his whole air suggest a total inability to say ‘Boo’ to a goose!”.
I said to myself something similar regarding this question.

Citeste si...  Reprobable

„To be or not to be White Bunny here, in your story??”
” HE already is the first very important person of Reprobable’s Family, actually HE will write the all story, HE is the begin of the begining, and I have a great feeling about him. In fact, I’m falling in love with him.”
„In fact, it is much more than it: actually I adore you, my smart Bunny Boy, you will simbolize the key of the deepest secret, you are the big mystery, YOU ARE THE SECRET. You are the only answer for my DON’T CARE! are simply my best!!”


Meanwhile, my right about him, my feeling about this special gift from God to Reprobable?, it was proved: almost lost, almost stealed, almost killed, worries, people.
He win! He will always win! Because of me, because of his big family, because of you..because of Maia, a little girl who really know exactly how to keep her bff forever.
Because of truth!

The show must go on! The story never end., two, threeee..START: everybody smile to the camera!

..and DON’T CARE!

With love,

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