I am not my job!

Lately I’ve been wondering exactly what means to create a life you love.
What are the components of a life well-lived? What will it take for us to say with conviction that we love our lives?

Is it just a self-help pipe dream to aspire to live an exceptional life?



In pondering these questions, I noticed a big mistake that many of us make when we embark on this path.
The problem is that we tend to focus most of our attention on creating a career we love, without stopping to think about all of the other things that might bring us fulfillment, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with our jobs.

I seem to constantly be asking myself:

“Is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life?”
“What feels right and/or wrong about this job?”
“Should I be following a different path?”

I ask the Universe for signs, symbols, and messages to direct me.
I ask to be given the perfect people, places, and opportunities to place me on the exact right path at the exact right time.
I pray for guidance. I meditate…

When I stepped back for a moment and asked myself why I devote so much of my time to this topic, the answer surprised me.

I realized that I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that if I can find a job that makes me happy, then I’ll be happy 100% of the time. But my erroneous thinking doesn’t stop there.
I’ve also realized that I use my career as an indication of my self-worth.
In other words, I realized that while my motivation is driven to some extent by my desire to be of service, there’s a bit of a hidden agenda behind what I’m doing – a shadow side if you will – that motivates my desire to succeed.
Deep down inside, I feel like I’m not worthy if I’m not doing a job in which I’m extremely successful.

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Put differently, I’ve made the mistake of thinking that I am my job. I’ve spent so much time trying to create a job I love, that I’ve sometimes forgotten about creating a life I love.
I am not what I experience. And whatever I am not, I am free from. In other words, I am not my job.
My True Self would still exist without. I would still be amazing and worthy and good enough just being me.

That’s why maybe I think that another very important thing happy people don’t care for is:

8. Jobs

You’ve come to realize that one of your purposes in this life is to find a balance between the ambitious, achievement-oriented aspect of your personality and the deep and true part of you that knows that your internal happiness can never come from external things.

You need to develop a deep, experiential knowledge of the fact that your True Nature is happiness. You’re not going to find this bliss in any self-help book or e-newsletter or fad of the week.

Instead of seeking it from the outside, you need to go within.

..maybe that’s why Reprobable is not only a fashion brand, it is not a trend nowadays and that’s all.
When I’m playing with the words in my mind I really love to say that Reprobable represent another word for freedom.

„I am different and I love it. And that’s the only way for being a happy person: accepting and loving myself in the way I am.
Don’t care that you don’t like me. This is the only Me you’ll ever meet in this life, I don’t have another one! Love or hate! Don’t care!”
With love,

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