Reprobable!..don’t care!


Let me introduce myself by saying that finding your personal fashion style is not at all a big deal. It’s just about getting to know yourself.
It’s all about getting in touch with the very essence of who YOU are – and, be careful, I never accept a liar in my closet!! Be truly confident about it!
Be Reprobable!


Imagine a huge world, where every single person you’ve ever met, day by day, wore always the same clothes.
Just close the eyes now and imagine a place where all these people around you had the same style and liked the same things.

How does that sound to you? That wouldn’t be exactly the most beautiful and stimulating world for anybody to live in… would it?

Citeste si...  Uitasem că eu știu să iert

But the sad reality is like that, unfortunately. The majority of people tend to go this way when it comes to clothes! So this is where developing your style comes into the picture.
Dare to be yourself and wear the clothes that express the unique and fabulous person you are! Because you really are, you know?!

With love,

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