Who you are


Who you are?
What means being yourself?
It means examine your thoughts and actions, and work out whether they are derivative of expectations that others have implanted (parents, friends, media, society at large) or whether they are derivative of your own values, drives, and beliefs.

Sometimes the two are congruent.

Sometimes, you try to be more like someone because they embody your beliefs, drives and values, and so you emulate those aspects that you think will help you to bring these to the surface and allow you to demonstrate these beliefs, drives, and values.

But sometimes, you don’t really understand what you believe. Or what motivates you. Or what you value. Often because these have not been tested by life.
These may seem to shift, depending on your situation.
It’s easy to have high values when you have a roof over your head, or have a caring and nurturing environment, or are not afraid you and your remaining family many not be here the day after tomorrow.

When you strip away those experiences, and the raw meat left behind still has certain core beliefs, values, and drives – that’s the real you – not those that you think you should have.

Because those are what survive what life has thrown at you, even though your experiences may temporarily bury them in a protective shell.
Truth is, until you’ve been through some life experience, it can be difficult to know how to „be yourself” or indeed know who you are.

So throw yourself into life. Let yourself fail, make calculated risks (and even the occasional leap into the dark) and see what comes , real
out the other end.


Be Reprobable! Be different! Be yourself!
..and don’t care!

This is the only way for being a happy person in this life!
You have to know you, you have to accept yourself with everything you find out about you, you have to learn to love you no matter what, you have to dare after all of these things, to tell to every person you’ll ever met that YOU are the only You from this planet.

„Love me or hate me! I don’t have another ME! I am the only ME I have!”

Dare to be unique! Dare to Be Reprobable!
..and don’t care!
Wear your style! Tell us about yourself, not about..John Doe! Who the fuck is this John Doe anyway? And who love him?

As an afterthought, why is it that I don’t think that interactions with others shape who we are?
Well, I do – but I think it is very very rare for it to shape the intrinsic person you are.
Here’s why.
Social interactions define how we interact with others, but I’m not sure they tell us a lot about ourselves.
We may mould our reactions in order to ‘fit in’ but that’s more about communication than ‘being’.
The ‘being’ part is more about the part that remains constant and unaffected by those interactions, other than to be informed and to change based on this.

Citeste si...  Reprobable!..don't care!

When other people have different perceptions of who you are, it’s useful to know as it can help you see how the combination of you and them forms a way of looking at you that differs from other people.
But that’s all it is – a view on your interactions, not a view on who you are intrinsically.
If I look at a sports car and say ‘That is a nice car’ based on my perception on Sports Stars for example, having a positive connotation about wealth and sexual magnetism, and someone else looks at it and looks at it as something that took their child from them and is thus driven by ass-holes and murderers, then what does that say about the car?
Nothing. It’s still a car, with an engine, four wheels, that needs fuel.

Otherwise, world is neutral, isn’t it?!?!
Negativity is only a result of your attitude.
I don’t want to say something as „change your attitude” because i suppose it’s unnatural. I would rather say it will better for you to accept and understand the world as it is, with the good and the bad. Try not to judge, let life take its course.

After time has passed, just hope that you’ll get to realise that life isn’t either good or bad. The true world is as simple as these two words: beautiful and mysterious.

From this point of you, today is the day for talking about the 4th thing from happy people don’t care for:


There’s a lot of disturbing stuff going on out there. War, protests, riots, animals going extinct or innocent people having bad things happen to them.
Happy people don’t deny any of these, but they do a good job in making sure it doesn’t affect how they feel.
The happiest people I know simply focus on trying to make the world a better place, one small step at a time. They may not be able to create a revolution overnight, but they know that by showing a little kindness and compassion to our fellow man, the world is that much more positive already.
Don’t let the negative in life get to you. It’s not your fault others have made it this way.

That’s why being Reprobable 
……simply just wearing don’t care! smile on your face it will be enough for your own happiness.

You are never too much, always enough. Please, do not forget that! It’s important.

With love always,

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