Don’t care!


Don’t Care!

In my own personal journey of trying to be a better person, I realised that it was all about aiming to be happy. Nothing more, nothing less. When you’re happy, you’re effectively better in every aspect of your life.

That’s why Reprobable!


Of course YOU are a happy and a free person, I’ve already noticed!
That’s why you like Reprobable: because of its unicity, because of its honesty, because of its friendly and very abordable style, because its fearless, because its open minded, because you have always good intention, because you love your work and work for it, because not stealing, because you are happy being you and not everybody else.

The second realisation is that happiness comes from shedding the unnecessary in life, as in you need to stop caring about certain things.

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The third realisation? A lot of these unnecessary things are painfully obvious. More often than not, it’s plain common sense.

I will start today a short list with 10 things happy people don’t care for.

1. AGE

Indeed, age is just a number. And happy people know this for sure.

They don’t let this ever-increasing number define who they are and what they do. They just do whatever it is they want!

Life is short. Before you know it, age catches up. You might as well make full use of life before your body actually reflects your age.

Till tomorrow, be happy and forgive! Be Reprobable!?

Don’t care!

With love,

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